Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Get Free Apps, Itunes / Amazon Gift cards and cash Free on IPhone and Android

I recently found out a way to get apps for free, Itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards and cash for free,
so what happens exactly is you get to download free apps, and for every app download you get a certain amout of "coins" these coins will help you get your free money
and here is how
1) go to this link from your smartphone (Iphone or Andriod only)

2) Click on Download, and let it finish downlod ( Wont take two seconds )

3) you will find a new icon on your smartphone click on it

4) It will great you to the app, when it asks for a referral code type this to get free 50 points,
the code is: 3CKH5X
after that it will tell you to download an app for free, after downloading and opening it for atleast 2 minutes you will earn extra points, for example in my case it will be 76 points

5) after using the game for atleast 2 minutes you can delete it or if you like it you can keep it, after that open the fist app "FeaturePoints" and you will find that you got extra coins

6) do that until you reach your goal, for example if you want a one dollar amazon card you need 600 coins and this app over here gets you 800 coins which you will get in few mintues, easy as that

7) so yes guys this is it, and i assure you it does work but its a little bit time consuming and trust me its worth it

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Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey guys you are about to learn how to do easy facebook phishng
now what it does is that that you will have a phishing link (after you do the hack below in the blog)
and when you send the link to your freinds and they open the link , they will find a facebook page (fake) and when they enter their email and password it will come to you directly
so have fun!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Facebook Phishing

Hey guys today im going to show you how to hack facebook using Facebook Phishing , Phishing is very easy to do , you just have to send the phishing link to anyone and when hey press the link a fake facebook page comes he then logs in to his account and the Email Id and Password will be sent to you Now
First. Sign up in
the problem in bplaced is that you have to sign up at certain times because the site has too much preasure
Second. There are two types of folders you need to download

Third. when you sign up to your account in bplaced got to Ftp Management
and copy your Ftp Server link
and then download (filezilla)

Next Step The Hack

First. open filezilla , type in
Host : your ftp server from bplaced (without http://)
Username : your bplaced username 
Password : your bplaced password
Port : 21
Then press quickconnect  


After that download your two files as shown in this video

then after that open your  ftp server link and press on index.htm then copy the link to send it to your freinds

Now you can send the fake facebook page link to your friends
And when you test it and type anything you want in the email and password (on the fake facebook page) it will come directly in a file called log.txt in the ftp server and filezilla And That’s it don’t forget to like this blog and share it etc.